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I am a passionate advocate for the importance of good gut health for all and especially for those of us with auto immune conditions as all inflammation begins in the gut. I offer the Purify gut health reset to my clients, a 21 day restricted diet and detox to starve out the bad bacteria which gives you the cravings for processed foods and sugar and builds up the beneficial bacteria. I can also help with weight loss and other health improvements using the best available supplements.

Purify 21 day gut health reset

I first did this myself 2 years ago. I had always wondered about the impact of what we eat on our condition but had never known where to start with diet as there is so much conflicting advice. I went to a talk about gut health and the Purify process and it made so much sense. I was still sceptical that I would be able to tell the difference with all the medication I take but was amazed to find how much my pain and stiffness reduced and how much my eating habits could change in such a short space of time. I now offer this to all my clients and many have taken the offer up and had great results. These photos show how the redness in my face from the inflammation in my body reduced very significantly afterwards. Shortly afterwards I trained to become a gut health mentor myself.

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My video testimonial of my Purify journey

Watch this interview with my then Gut Health Mentor Olivia about my experiences with the Purify gut health reset.

The results speak for themselves!

Below you can see examples of the health improvements gained by 3 of my clients when we did the lifestyle analysis before and after the Purify gut health reset. I think you will agree these are very significant improvements.


I work with a company called Synergy who have their own scientific research programme on health supplementation so that unlike most supplements they are able to test and fine tune all their products and see the results. Consequently they are able to make claims for their products which most are not able to, which is why their products are called nutraceuticals and are wholly organic and the highest quality.

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