Tantra Workshops

Tantra workshops

Do you struggle to cope with difficult emotions? (Yours or other people’s?)

Do you find it hard to express what you want and need to another?

Do you wish you had more connection and touch in your life?

In the same way that somatic movement frees our bodies to experience more of life, my experience with Tantra has been the same effect emotionally.

In Tantra you learn more about yourself and who you really are and what makes you who you are .

You also learn what your wants and needs and desires are and how to express these to another and to hear their wants, needs and desires.

From this place you are more able to be able to be with more different emotional states with more ease and to therefore be able to say yes to more of life and find ways to move forward when you do feel stuck or ill at ease or disconnected.

We can then really enjoy every single moment of our lives, even when being challenged as we can find growth and learning from these challenges.

Sound like something you want and need in your life?

What happens in a Tantra workshop?

We usually begin with some form of active meditation which may involve shaking the body or free vocalisation aiming to connect us with our animal selves and get out of our heads and into our bodies.

We listen to what our bodies are telling us and connect with our own feelings so we can understand ourselves and our needs and desires better before we go into connection with another. We can then talk with others about these needs and desires and discuss our boundaries.

We often use non-sexual touch in tantra as it can be incredibly connecting and healing and for some people can bring a lot of things up for them to then be worked with. Tantra is a spiritual practice in which all of life is included and welcomed without shame.

If this sounds like something you would like to experience, then please get in touch.

Thank you for your interest, please get in touch to learn more or if you would like me to run a workshop for you

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